Sailboat – part 1

The sailing bug was hatched after graduating. My roommate was invited to go sailing on Lake Livingston so I was able to tag along. Not sure what type boat it was (maybe a Flying Scot as I recall the captain lounging on the aft decking, telling us what lines to pull while practicing a man-overboard drill).

The first hole in the water was a Holder 14′ purchased from a dealer who had many to choose from. Taking a couple friends to sail in Clear Lake on a breezy day without showing any  knowledge of what you are doing causes said friends to head down to the Turtle Club instead. After flipping the rudder/tiller into the drink (the bridle was hooked under the tiller, and no clip in the pintle) a committee boat was kind of enough to tow me ashore. After getting back on shore and adrenaline faded, they found the rudder floating and returned it.

The Holder was eventually sold and several boat-free (trouble free?) year passed. I’m not entirely sure what inspired the ‘build your own boat’ thoughts, but reading Duckworks might have been the cause. I was inspired by the PDR stories during the Texas 200, so several plans were looked into (and the dream of doing the 200). A set of plans for a B&B  Core Sound 17′ was purchased.

As with all plans, the direction took a detour when a daysailer appeared on Craigslist for $300. It was in rough shape on top, but appeared to be in good shape otherwise. It was a Helsen Streaker that had at once been modified to have a cabin. Said cabin was now just a hole, and the current owner said too much work and wife wants a cabin. $200 later, it was in the driveway ready to be cleaned out. (Hey, the galvanized trailer had to be at least that much!)


The great rebuild was underway!


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